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Where could I start if I want to improve my code?

luca mor

To me, it is not an easy question, especially when working with less experienced developers. There are so many thoughts and considerations I want to share with them! Too many, actually, to be shared all together. So...what should I focus on in the beginning? Here is my personal reflection after many years spent writing, reviewing, discussing and re-writing code.

Migrating and evolving services in production

andrea bergia

We talk about how we evolve and replace services in production, without breaking anything!

Bottom-up opportunities, self-directed learning, and external expertise

raffaella rossini

This is the last blog post of our small series about the Learning and Development landscape for tech people at We are going to explore the learning opportunities emerging bottom-up from our people, as well as the way in which we leverage external resources and expertise.

Informal knowledge sharing: Crash Courses and LM Talks

raffaella rossini

In addition to live internal training, we have other, more informal formats to share knowledge within the Company: Crash Courses and LM Talks.

Live, interactive training: Continuous Learning programme and Coding Dojo

raffaella rossini

At we are lucky enough to have among our colleagues people who are very good at their job, and also care about supporting the professional growth of others. Thanks to them, we pulled together what we call the “Continuous Learning” programme. Keep reading to find out more.

It's FriYAY! It's time for deep work and/or learning and development

raffaella rossini

At we are experimenting with our working hours to support in a structural way learning, development, productivity, and wellbeing. Our Friday is now called FriYAY!, and in this first blog post of a short series I’ll tell you about it.