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Evolution of a high-performance system: from synchronous to seamless scalability

giuseppe pinto

This article discusses the transformation of a synchronous process in the context of's customer journey for travel planning. The existing system was complex and resource-intensive due to its all-in-one nature, causing scaling and deployment challenges. The article presents the evolved system that separates responsibilities into microservices using message-driven communication.

Migrating and evolving services in production

andrea bergia

We talk about how we evolve and replace services in production, without breaking anything!

Refactor your data class and you'll sleep like a baby


How to refactor code coupled with a data class?

Refactoring: a real case of a nested if structure transformed into a chain of responsibility

francesco bonfadelli

It seemed a normal day of work when one of our managers called a meeting to inform us of a very urgent feature that should be put in production within 2 days.