clean-code (4)

Clean Code: Primitive obsession smell

andrea bergia

We talk about how creating tiny classes, rather than using raw strings or ints, can lead to a better design

Refactoring: a real case of a nested if structure transformed into a chain of responsibility

francesco bonfadelli

It seemed a normal day of work when one of our managers called a meeting to inform us of a very urgent feature that should be put in production within 2 days.

Clean Code: data structures vs objects and the law of Demeter

fabrizio duroni

Ever wondered about the differences between data structures and objects? Let's analyze them with the help of the Law of Demeter.

Clean Code: meaningful names

fabrizio duroni

Naming things is one of the most difficult part of our job, still it is one of the more effective way to communicate the intention of a piece of code. Take a look to a real example.