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Evolution of a high-performance system: from synchronous to seamless scalability

giuseppe pinto

This article discusses the transformation of a synchronous process in the context of's customer journey for travel planning. The existing system was complex and resource-intensive due to its all-in-one nature, causing scaling and deployment challenges. The article presents the evolved system that separates responsibilities into microservices using message-driven communication.

Hotel Data Deduplication

tiziano antico
niranjani s b

Discover how incremental design and fast feedback cycles have played a crucial role in the evolution of the hotel deduplication feature, leading to enhanced customer experience and increase in productivity of the internal quality teams.

Event Sourcing - A Light Introduction

paolo banfi

Event Sourcing is not one of the most well known pattern in software engineering, but it has a lot of potential uses and areas of application. In this blog post I'd like to explain what is event sourcing, why it matters and why it naturally fits CQRS architectural pattern so nicely, together with an explanation of the various building blocks used.

Impacts of contract tests in our microservice architecture

ivan delloro

We learned how to implement contract test for any kind of messages exchanged in a microservices' architecture, now let's see the impacts and why it sped up our development process

An evolving architecture

massimiliano mazzarolo

Over the past few years, constant changes in software development techniques, frameworks and tools led us to rethink how our architecture might evolve over time to sustain changes and support demand from business.