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A Monorepo Experiment: reuniting a JVM-based codebase

luigi noto

Continuing the Monorepo exploration series, we’ll see in action a real-life example of a monorepo for JVM-based languages, implemented with Maven, that runs in continuous integration. The experiment of reuniting a codebase of ~700K lines of code from many projects and shared libraries, into a single repository.

Exploring the Monorepo

luigi noto

Monorepo has become quite popular in Javascript world, and yet not fully explored for JVM-based development. The lack of tools and practical examples slow down its adoption in everyday software projects. In this series of articles, we’ll try to uncover the full potential of a monorepo with Java and Maven.

Set up a quick GUI in maven project

manuel mandatori

How do you set up a GUI module in maven project? Let's find out in this post!!