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Create a microfrontend app using module federation and dynamic configuration

fabrizio duroni
alex stabile

We are used to the term microservice in the backend world. Is there a way to achieve the same architectural indipendence in the frontend world? Let's see how it is possible to create a microfrontend app by leveraging Webpack 5 module federation with a widget-based custom remote configuration.

Blockchain Dapp and Modern Software Engineering

fabio fiorella

Block'n'poll a complete example of a full stack web application interacting with Algorand Blockchain

Frontend and backend languages and frameworks

christian speer
giancarlo di paolantonio

In this third blog post of the series about our Tech ecosystem we look at the technologies that we adopted in the frontend and backend space, and explore the reasons behind our choices.

First time as speakers. Here's how we prepared

fabrizio duroni
alessandro romano

We got the opportunity for the first time to be on the other side of a talk: we were the speakers. We share how we prepared for our talk about React, React Native and Typescript.