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A custom module for Jackson object mapper using Java Service Provider

fabrizio duroni
alex stabile

Sometimes you have custom Jackson object mapper imported from external modules/libraries. How can you customize their serialization/deserialization? Let's go to discover the power of Java Service Provider Interface.

Frontend and backend languages and frameworks

christian speer
giancarlo di paolantonio

In this third blog post of the series about our Tech ecosystem we look at the technologies that we adopted in the frontend and backend space, and explore the reasons behind our choices.

Unit testing in Kotlin with JUnit 5 and MockK

fabrizio duroni

I recently discovered MockK, a mocking library created for Kotlin. Let's see how it is possible to write modern unit tests with MockK + JUnit 5.

How to live in a pure world

angelo sciarra

Make side effects pure

A matter of purity

angelo sciarra

What are pure functions? Why should you even care?

Using Gradle Kotlin DSL with junit 5

juan ara

Gradle 5 has been out for a while now and with that we finally got the ability to write our Gradle scripts in Kotlin. How can I migrate my JUnit-enabled Gradle scripts to Kotlin Gradle DSL?

Modular functional programming with Kotlin

emanuele colombo

Functional programming in Kotlin could be very easy on the small, but how we can build a real-world application, splitting the code in some indipendent components and make them easily testable? Let's see a possible approach in order to solve this problem.